An Alaska Experience

River's Edge Resort is a unique hotel in Fairbanks hotel that is Alaskan owned and operated by local residents Steve Frank and Linda Anderson. 

A Little Family History

Steve & Linda's families first came to Alaska in the 1940's. Steve's family came to Fairbanks in 1946. After Steve's father, Con Frank, graduated from the University of Alaska as a civil engineer he started a small construction company building homes in Fairbanks, Today, the company's accomplishments include over 300 bridges and buildings in the Interior and Arctic Alaska including the famous Yukon River Bridge.

Linda's grandparents brought their family north to Fairbanks in 1941. As a coal miner from Wyoming and Colorado, Tury Anderson started a new and lucrative career in gold mining while her grandmother, Annette managed the roadhouse mining camps providing great food, clean clothes, and a warm place to sleep. Linda's father, Bud Anderson, still operates a few small family placer claims today in Alaska's Arctic and Interior regions. When wintertime shuts down his mining operations, he works diligently to craft his gold into beautiful and truly Alaskan hand made jewelry to sell in the River's Edge Gift Shops.

Your Alaskan Host's Steve Frank and Linda Anderson

Your Alaskan Host's Steve Frank and Linda Anderson

Our goal is not only to provide you with a fine River’s Edge Resort experience... we hope to provide you with a fantastic visit to Northern Alaska. We’ll help you create the perfect Northern Alaska vacation. Fairbanks is the gateway, but we offer you the kingdom. Let us show you our personal, favorite Alaska!
— Steve and Linda - Owners