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Fairbanks Historical City Tour

$29.95 per person

Join the staff of River’s Edge Resort daily at 8:30 am for a motorized city tour; including stops at Pioneer Park, a visit to downtown Fairbanks; stops at the Morris Thompson Cultural Visitor Center, and the Yukon Quest Headquarters.  Then a short trip outside Fairbanks to see the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, return to College, Alaska via Farmers Loop Road where your tour culminates with admission to the University of Alaska – Fairbanks’ Museum of the North. (Museum admission included)

Riverboat Discovery

Cruise the Chena and Tanana Rivers; take a guided walking tour of the Chena Indian Village, watch a Bush Pilot and dog musher’s demonstration.  With two daily departures; transportation to Steamboat Landing is free, courtesy of River’s Edge Resort.

$59.95 per person

Gold Dredge 8

Two Daily tours are available located at 1803 Old Steese Hwy N (near Fox, Alaska.) Ride a replica of the Tanana Valley Railroad, view the Trans Alaska pipeline, take a walking tour of the Gold Dredge as you learn about the history of gold mining, observe the modern techniques involved in panning for gold and try it for yourself. Everyone finds gold!  Transportation to Fox not included.

$39.95 per person

Just Short of Magic
Dog Mushing Educational Tours

New for 2014! - "Just Short of Magic, LLC - Alaska Dog Mushing School & Educational Tours" - Enjoy a personalized tour with an experienced Alaskan dog musher and her amazing sled dog team of Alaskan Huskies. Summer educational tours offer a hands-on experience with the dogs, accompanied by a broad range of sled dog information that captures the heart of Alaska dog mushing and sled dog life. Meet the dogs,  harness an Alaskan husky, handle the mushing equipment. learn about sled dog nutrition, prepare a meal and help feed the team. This 1 1/2 tour always allows time for photos and questions.  Tour times are 10:30 am and 4 pm seven days per week. Other times available on request.

$50 per person

Visit Arctic Alaska

An Alaska travel experience would not be complete without a visit to Alaska's Arctic.  
Experience the remote, wild and sparsely populated region in multiple ways.

Guest's of River's Edge Resort & River's Edge RV Park receive complimentary pick-up for Arctic & Barrow tours from Northern Alaska Tour Company; providing unparalleled travel and touring experiences in Alaska's Arctic since 1986.

Arctic Circle Drive Adventure

Tour north from Fairbanks. View the remarkable Trans Alaska Pipeline. Visit the Arctic Circle Trading Post in Joy, Alaska. Travel the rugged Dalton Highway. Experience the mighty Yukon River.  Cross the Arctic Circle. Explore the arctic tundra. Travel in comfortable tour coaches and vans.

Tour Departs River's Edge: 6:30am / Returns: 10:30 - 11:30 pm

$189 per person

Arctic Circle Fly/Drive Adventure

A One Day Guided Round Trip Journey By Air and Land across the Arctic Circle.

Travel from Fairbanks to Coldfoot, north of the Arctic Circle in the Brooks Mountain Range. Tour the Dalton Highway. Cross the Arctic Circle. Explore the arctic tundra. Marvel at the mighty Yukon River. View the remarkable Alaska Pipeline. Visit the Arctic Circle Trading Post. Ride in comfortable tour coaches and vans one direction. Fly over the vast Alaskan wilderness in the opposite direction. 

1:00 PM Departure & 5:00 AM Departure

$389 to $439 per person

Barrow Expedition

A One Day Guided Journey by Air to the Farthest North Eskimo Village.

Fly north across the Arctic Circle to the ancient Inupiat Eskimo village of Barrow. Discover firsthand the lifestyles of Alaska's Arctic Coastal peoples with a tour of the village. Walk the shores of the Arctic Ocean near the northernmost point on the North American Continent. Bravely dip your toe in the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean.

$839 per person

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